Upcoming Events:

June 27-Sept. 28     56th Annual Delta Exhibition
                                 Arkansas Arts Center, 9th & Commerce, Little Rock, AR
                                      more info: Delta Exhibition

July 6                       Upcycle Show
                                (more details to follow)
                                DNA Gallery, 1709 NW 16th in OKC's Plaza District

Sept. 12-Oct. 3        New works on Velvet
                                Showing with Nathan Guidry(more details to follow)
                                DNA Gallery, 1709 NW 16th in OKC's Plaza District
                                2nd Friday Plaza Walk: Sept. 12, 7-11pm

Sept. 19                  12x12 Art Fundraiser
                                Annual fundraiser benefiting the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition
                                Science Museum Oklahoma, 2100 NE 52nd St. in OKC
                                Event: Sept. 20, 7-10pm
                                     more info: OVAC

                          (image: MacGyver as St. Sebastian)                 

Busy. Busy. Busy.

I've just moved from the south side of OKC into the middle of the Plaza District, still setting up my studio, and have a diverse line-up of shows booked. So come see the Nut People in August, the Pareidolia Series in November, and some velvet paintings in May!

Times they are a changing.

I'm one month into a new regular-person-type job, working the 9 to 5!  In July I accepted a position as Preparator with the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.  What that means is I work on changing out the exhibits at the museum and building crates, frames, pedestals, and various what-have-you.  Basically the grunt labor of the curatorial world.  So far it's a lot of fun and I've already learned a few tricks!

Adjusting to a new schedule and building a new body of work.
As I mentioned in the last post, I've been playing a lot with velvet painting.  Been working on a couple commissions and will be showing one in the upcoming 12x12 Fundraiser for OVAC!  Staying busy and probably more of these to come!  Check out the new photo gallery in the Gallery section for some pics...


Well, I've been on a real velvet painting kick lately!
After Ashley Griffith had a velvet show at her gallery last year, I learned I have a knack for painting on velvet, who knew?  In the past couple months I've completed 7 pieces!  One of which, shown below, was accepted into Oklahoma Friendly, a national juried exhibition.  I've also completed works to enter into IAO's Biting the Apple, an erotic art show.  So here's to hoping I get some in!

The Great and Powerful Corndog (or the day Dorothy became a vegetarian)
13" x 10"  acrylic on velvet

I've been busy, busy producing new work for my upcoming show at AKA Gallery in Paseo!  So far, I have eight pieces, never before seen, all completed since May.  This will be my largest collection of new work seen in quite a while

The title of the show is "Gilding the Lilly: New Works by Trent Lawson."
That title comes from a somewhat new series of paintings that I've used recycled frames as stretcher bars and made those frames a part of the painting - Not just a decoration.  To Gild the Lilly means to adorn unnecessarily something already beautiful.  So please make plans to see this exhibit during the month of August.  Thank you!

So, updated a lot of content on here... stuck some more images around, as you might have noticed.  Check out the 'Fun Extras' section!

I have a couple of solo shows lined up for next year, my first in quite some time.  First one will likely open in January sometime at Kickapoo Casino.  Not too sure what to expect from that one, but should be fun.  I was contacted by Ghost Design about doing this, I will be the first in a series of artists to exhibit in Kickapoo's lounge area.

Also, I'm an alternate again for the Arts Festival in downtown OKC in April.  I have a good shot at getting in, so stop by and say hello!  And possibly buy something.  :)

Time to get busy, busy, busy!

It's been a while since an update... sorry about that.
Getting ready to be in the thick of it preparing for the Paseo Festival.  My first time doing this one (and just my second festival).  So a little nervous about how I'll set up my tent.
New in the gallery is the painting I recently did of Gary England featuring the Gary England Drinking Game Rules.  Please give it a gander, I'm pretty happy with it!

Some other fun news, along with a few other awesome OKC artists, I'll be going to Art Chicago at the end of the month.  Going up there to try and shop some galleries, see what's going on in the rest of the country.  Should be some good times!  I know I'm going with some great folks.  So that's exciting.
Thanks for visiting the site!  (and reading my ramblings!)

Well, I've been nominated to the Top 5 Best Visual Artist in the OK Gazette's Best of OKC!
It's a pretty cool deal...  and a total surprise to me!  Just want to thank everyone that already voted for me to get this far, it's really an honor!
But it's not over yet.  I've made it to the Top 5, that means there's another round of voting on who gets the coveted title of Best of OKC.  If you'd like to vote you can do so here or you can pick up a Gazette and mail in the ballot to them.  To see their distribution points to pick up a copy, you can do that here.
Thank you everyone for supporting me!